Guidelines For Editors

SJBSR is intended to publish innovative and quality research. SJBSR is welcoming all the leading professionals researchers, professors, scientists to join us and become a part of our international open access electronic publication that are effective to explore the broad fields of BioScience and help us ensure the quality in all the articles published.

Editor-in-Chief/Editor should improve the standard and quality of a publication and also entire content of the journal; rendering invaluable services to our journals through their eminence in research & proficiency in their respective field.

Editorial Board plays a crucial role in maintaining the roles and responsibilities in helping to maintain the journal’s quality towards serving the scientific community.

The editors are responsible for the manuscripts getting published in the journals. To improve the review process of the journal, the editor should actively explore the vision of editorial board members, reviewers and authors.

Editors should take responsibility to assign reviewers out of the peer review team to new manuscripts submitted. If you are busy with your prior commitments and are unavailable to handle the article assigned to you, you should inform the editorial board about your inaccessibility. So, this enables to allocate the same article to another editor having similar research interest.

  • Editors are requested to assign manuscripts to at least two reviewers.

  • Editor should be able to decide whether a submitted article is suitable for the journal or not and ensures feedback provided to authors is beneficial, fair, and timely.

  • Make sure that the content provided in the manuscript is original and is not plagiarized.

  • Contribute editorials or any type of articles based on their research interest for the Regular or Special issue release.

  • Editors should perform an ultimate quality check of all manuscripts once they have been reviewed and published by the editorial board.

  • Ensure that the peer review process is completed within the given timeline and that you handle all correspondences with the editorial board in a suitable manner.

  • Express new and innovative ideas or suggestions to improve the standards of the journal which leads us in a better direction and also help us to provide our users’ even better services.

  • Maintaining the track of the complete peer review and ensure that quality standards are met at all times.

  • Editor should ensure compliance with data protection policies and confidentiality ethics for any information provided by the author about test subjects or patients; you will need to make sure that the author also secures their consent.

  • Editor should be an unbiased manner to gender, political beliefs, religious beliefs of the authors.

  • Maintain communication with the editorial office and the review team to avoid delay in the process of publishing.

  • Make decisions to accept or reject a manuscript to publish in journals only with the article originality, clarity, significance and relevance to the journal.

Benefits as an Editor for SJBSR

  • Certificate of appreciation from SJBSR (if requested), honoured by the Editor-in-Chief at the end of the year.

  • Recognition as an editor for SJBSR Open Access journal Editorial Team page.

  • 10% waiver on article processing charge.

  • Promoting all the manuscripts that are published by the Editors in SJBSR.

We firmly believe that editors can ensure this vision.

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